Want to start your own Winner Winner... Chicken Shop? Hello, welcome! 

If you’re reading this then hopefully you’ve eaten at our founding store in the mighty Hamilton East, tried our woodfired chicken, experienced the Winner Winner vibe, met our team and finished it all off with a slice of our Pinky Pie. 

We’re growing and this means we’re looking for like-minded people who value great food, great experiences, and great people to become Winner Winner franchisees. 

If you haven't checked out Winner Winner yet, we’d love to catch you in store so we can show you what we’re all about. You can find us HERE.

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We’re proud that the Winner Winner brand, our food, and our in-store experience has gained an awesome customer following. Now we reckon it’s time to share our success and grow the Winner Winner family. Franchisees will benefit from our reputation as well as innovative marketing, brand recognition, contemporary store design, training, support systems and franchise network.



Business can be tough on your own, but if you join the Winner Winner fam as a franchisee, you’ll become part of a network which has more than 20 years of experience in the food game. Skip the 'what should we do?', 'how do we establish a brand?' stage and head straight into owning a business with benefits - alongside proven systems, you’ll benefit from comprehensive operational, training, marketing and supply-chain support (win-win!). 



Winner Winner was born out of the love of chicken and the need to create a place where we could eat delicious, wholesome food with our mates. As it turns out (another win-win) chicken is the fastest growing protein category globally which means there’s piles of opportunity right here, right now. We’re also vegetarian and vegan friendly – and while we do see the Chicken Shop irony in this, it’s important that we can share meal times with the people we love. 


There’s a lot more to becoming an owner owner of your very own Winner Winner store, but having the passion to do so is a huge step in the right direction. The best place to start is with an initial chat - from here we can share more details, eat some chicken, explain the process and go over all the (boring) formalities. 

If you’re keen to know more and you’ve visited our Hamilton East store, then say hello below or give us a call to get the ball rolling. 

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Location location: We’re keen to spread our wings in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty to start with so if you’re part of these communities then lets chat. If you’re based outside of these regions and you’re picking up what we’re putting down then we’d love to hear from you too - we’re open to all opportunities. 
Have you visited Hamilton East Winner Winner Chicken Shop?